This is really interesting, as always! Two questions.. How do you account for the competition pulling out one of their own tables (and then whole thing becoming a bit of he said / she said)? And how do you think about future proofing competitor comparisons, ie when the competitor closes the gaps with things you’ve called out?

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Sep 17, 2023·edited Sep 17, 2023Author

Thanks, Aditya.

1. Well, if your comparison table is honest (which I recommend), there shouldn't be a lot of difference between the tables, right? The difference would be on emphasis, not on facts.

2. If you're big enough - and I see that you work in Elastic, which means you are - the competition will make sure to let you know :) When I worked at monday.com we got these kind of corrections all the times from Asana.

But really, I think that what's important is for the table not be merely about features but about the core of your product: What does Elastic do that MongoDB can't do? (For example)

Talk about features as a way to share the story, and this story probably doesn't change because a competitor released a new feature.

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